Grey is not new, Grey has become our staple go to colour. The favourite shade for instagrammars! Why is it still so popular and how can we update it? In previous decades the most neutral shade was magnolia! Everyone used it, developers used it and it was the most sold colour at the diy store.  Not anymore, Grey has become the go to shade for a neutral home, but why? It is an excellent base for nearly any scheme, you can start with a grey and build around it, nearly every colour you can think of will compliment it. It means you can change things up over time buy adding new accents. Currently looking great with blush pinks and mustard tones. We sell many items that will fit into this look whether its in the kitchen and you need a new dining table or the bedroom where you need some new furniture. You might want some artwork to break up or compliment the grey. Perhaps some fabulous accessories to give a splash of colour.

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