Mirrored Furniture To Match Every Design

Creating spaces that we love to spend time in is the goal when it comes to revamping any  area of our home.

Style, sophistication and subtlety are strong qualities for any space where you want to relax and unwind after a long day. These qualities enable a real feeling of luxury to permeate your home.

At Nicholas John Interiors, we naturally look to keep an eye on the current trends and styles so that we can bring you the best on offer.  A trend we’ve seen grow and blossom is  mirrored furniture. So this blog is a homage to the rise of mirrored furniture and how it has developed over the last few years.

Why Does Mirrored Furniture Appeal?

Why might mirrored furniture appeal to our sense of style? It is likely due to our long-standing association of glass and mirror with the grand, the luxurious and the beautiful.

Think too of the most luxurious rooms you have ever seen. Be it in a palace of some kind, or a stately home, the chances are that there is a fair bit of glass and mirrored surface on show. And even if the room that springs to mind is in a holiday villa or somewhere similar, the presence of light is most likely the case.

At Nicholas John interiors we have a vast range of mirrored furniture to suit all styles tastes and budgets, here are some of our favourites.

Arcadia Our Arcadia range is suitably light conducive and can bring some shimmering quality to dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms up and down the country. Inspired by antique patterns and with a champagne tinge, the Arcadia range is a truly stylish, sophisticated range.

Chaplin Featuring  distinctive shape and design schemes, the Chaplin range is a brilliant mirrored furniture range that offers a subtle gold tinge. With coffee tables, sets of drawers and even king size bed frames in the Chaplin style, this range is packed full of superb items that are truly appealing .

Morocco A notably exotic range, giving a sense of far off shores products within the Morocco range are oozing with true style and glamour. With items for a variety of spots in the home.

Harper – Our Harper range available in Grey and white, gives a real contemporary feel with clean lines. It has broad appeal due to the top surfaces not being mirror and therefore does not show marks and dust! A win win for the Mrs Hinch cleaners amongst us! Items available for the lounge, dining room and bedroom.