Selling your home is stressful. Depending on the market you find yourself in, you might get lucky and sell straight away or if as generally happens, you’ll have a number of viewings over a period of time which may or may not, be successful.

Price of course is a major factor in selling your home. Local agents will give you a good idea of price and many are now using the “price starting at x” or selling price between x and x amount.

However if you want the upper price in the range or as near as asking price possible its worth following a few simple steps to get you buyer inspired.

Clear the Clutter

Bag or bin it. If its laying around it will put buyers off. No one really wants to walk round a house with washing, toys and odd statues laying around and presenting themselves as some kind of obstacle in a pseudo assault course. Get it put away or hide it.


If your home looks tired, it will be reflected in the offers for your home. It doesn’t cost much to freshen up walls and woodwork and even replacing well worn carpet can go along way to making your home desirable. Remember, potential buyers may have just enough for the deposit and mortgage and may not be in a position to carry out work on their new home.

Don’t give them an excuse not to buy !


No mirrors any where? Mirrors can give the illusion of space and reflect light. All the rooms need to be bright and fresh an the right mirror is a fantastic way of adding a statement to any room. Go as big and as bold as possible. Don’t forget there are lots of other types of mirrored furniture that can introduce a feel of luxury to your home. How about a side table in a hall or a consul with a mirror above.

MR088-00-CLvenetianovalsmlMRF038-00-SVsmllampmirrored side table


Lights and lighting are important. A well lit room banishes shadows and dinginess. The main living room benefits from a statement light like a chandelier or pendent. These lights have a number of bulbs and can really light up a room. If you already got chandeliers or lights with lots of glass or crystal, don’t forget to give them a good spring clean.

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Finally, if you are looking for any of the above, don’t forget to visit us at We have a fantastic range of furniture, mirrors and lighting to suit most tastes and you can be rest assured, we want your home to look great !