The bedroom is that place in the house where we all go to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s a personal place where we finish the day and start a new one.

According to the Huffington post the average human throughout their lifetime spends around 33 years in bed. That’s over 12,000 days! Given that we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it is not a bad idea to freshen up the look of your bedroom, if you haven’t done so in a while.

Giving your bedroom a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean re-doing the whole bedroom. You can freshen up the look of your bedroom by making small changes that can make big differences. When it comes to bedroom makeovers, the possibilities are endless.

At Nicholas John interiors we have a vast range of Bedroom furniture featuring various styles and designs, to help get you creative and create the look you have been dreaming about. Whether its soft tones of grey or minimalist white we can help. Some of our room sets will give you ideas on how to style your room and where to place furniture.


When thinking of bedroom makeover ideas, one of the first things to think about are the bedroom walls. After painting the wall your favourite colour or applying your selected wallpaper, it’s time to address the empty wall spaces. Or even if you are happy with your current wall paint or wallpaper, adding some wall décor can really alter the feel of the bedroom.

With our large range of wall art and mirrors you will find a variety of contemporary and elegant wall décor to incorporate in your new-look.. What’s great about shopping with Nicholas John Interiors is that you can easily find matching items to stay with a specific theme, for example lamps and wall art to match the bedroom furniture.


Perhaps the most important element of the bedroom, selecting your bed is a crucial decision to make. It will set the theme for the rest of the room and create a real statement especially if you go for something dramatic like the Arcadia. 

Or perhaps you want the luxury of velvet to team with some mirrored furniture for a really glam room. Why not go for the Monaco available in double and king size to suit your room size.

Apollo Champagne Mirror King Size Bed Frame


A bedroom makeover can also just be adding a few new bedroom furniture pieces.  Perhaps a lovely new dressing table and stool or maybe some coloured pieces like jewellery boxes and stools to just freshen up the look. Maybe some new bedside cabinets and new lamps will do the trick.


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