It has been a glorious summer. Considering how poor our recent summers have been this has been a corker. From June onwards we have had almost unbroken spells of warmth apart from that crazy bunch of storms as a result of the tail end of the hurricane.
Without wanting to depress anyone the nights are drawing in. It is our busy time of year for helping customers choose some new lights and lamps. Our shop in Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath has a fabulous range of lighting and lamps. An amazing range of size and colours are on offer. Our brand new regency range offers a lamp that makes a bold statement as its impressive in stature and offers a touch of glamour with a dazzling mosaic finish in black, silver, mocha and champagne colours. Lamps offer an excellent way of lighting a room and the right lamp will bronze regency  (3)just the right mood. Don’t forget to consider using standard lamps which are great way of offering a high light that isn’t a harsh ceiling light. Visit our lamp range at or visit our store in Bexleyheath