Its official, well The Bank of England says so, so they probably have a better idea than we do ( or maybe not!)


The economy is beginning to grow and we are buying again. There is definately more optimism in the air. We certainly noticed it at tradeshows that we visited in the latter part of 2013. All the companies that we spoke with have made more, ordered more and we will definately be holding more stock as we feel that demand from customers will greatly increased in the New Year.

So what will be popular?

The French style furniture like Rococo and the various ornate, French inspired designs will still be very popular. Mirrored furniture has firmly established itself as a favourite and when put together within a room can have a stunning visual impact. Shabby Chic is still a big favourite and with ever more increasing  accessories designed to complement this style expect to see this still throughout next year.


So what happens after Christmas and everyone starts buying?

Well, one thing’s for sure, it’s unlikely that enough has been made to meet demand. If you are looking to buy new furniture you will need to get your order in and make sure, whether you but it from Nicholas John interiors or another retailer, that it’s in stock and available. Many online retailers do not hold stock and this seems to be especially true of auction sites. If the retailer does not hold stock it is very likely that you will wait weeks for the item that you are after.


Hope your buying goes well and don’t forget, if we can help, please ask!



Nicholas John Interiors