At Nicholas John Interiors, we stock a variety of different styles of console tables, including metal, wood, glass and mirrored finished designs. With a choice this huge, don’t limit their use to just a hall. To help you, we’ve explored 6 ways to put this table to work


Console tables date back to the late 17th century. A must-have in entryways of aristocratic mansions and palaces, they were larger than they are today and featured intricate carving and gilded designs. Mostly they served a decorative purpose, however as times have moved forward and homes have gotten smaller, the classic console has also reduced in size and is built now to serve a functional purpose as well as decorative. These days a console table is a strong focal point upon entering a home. Not only does it provide a place to place handy items such as keys, but it can also be decorated with a lamp, vase or photo frames to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere.

Dressing room

If you’re struggling for space in your bedroom, a console table can easily be transformed into a dressing table with the addition of a wall mirror and chair or stool. For inspiration check out our beautiful Harper range  or our Milo range console tables that feature mirrored panelling throughout, plenty of legroom underneath and spacious drawers that are ideal for storing make up and other beauty styling accessories


Office Study and office desks can be quite dull and boring, especially if you’re having to place your desk in the living or bedroom. In fact it can dull out the whole corner, but it doesn’t have to – a fashion forward console can double up as a great office desk. Add a table lamp, a paper tray and of course a chair and you’re ready to go. Not only will your room look ever so chic but it won’t be dulling out any space when not in use.



Drinks Bar

If you want to be the hostess with the mostess, well why not start with a fabulous console bar? Console tables with open shelves such as our Harry Tiered Console Table are the perfect inexpensive and space saving way to create a home bar. You can organise the different shelves for storing and displaying spirits and glassware. Go a step further and decorate with colourful cocktail umbrellas and bar tools. Now all you need to do is figure out the guest list!


Sofa Table

With the height of 30 – 33inches, a console table is the ideal height to lean against a sofa, instantly becoming a ‘sofa table’ – you can use this for decorative accents or a glamorous table lamp for reading or for lighting up your entertaining space.


6. Dining Room Sideboard

Need a sideboard for your dining room but don’t have quite enough space for one? Well yes a console table again is a solution for this. We stock console tables that are in the same ranges as our dining tables such as the Bayview and they’re great for use as extra table space. With its generous drawers you’ve also got somewhere to store cutlery and crockery. A smart addition to any room, the classic console has risen from being just a decorative piece to one with many functional uses in the modern market. At Nicholas John interiors we’re proud to stock so many styles to suit traditional and contemporary decors. Our consoles are designed to reflect fashion trends and colours therefore you can be rest-assured that you’ll find a product that matches your interior display needs